Monday History Lesson…Plus…

Today our tour started at the Mount of Olives.  We sang, “Let There Be Peace on Earth” over the spot where it is believed the Last Supper took place.  At the Mount of Olives the Lord’s Prayer is displayed in hundreds of languages.  Here it is in Swedish, with our friends Bengt and Margerita Gerborg, then in English:

Then we visited the church at the spot where Christ wept over Jerusalem.  It was a cool overcast day:  P1000438

Then the church where Peter denied knowing Jesus, built over the palace of Caiaphas.  It was not hard to imagine Jesus imprisoned in the dungeon here:


The Garden at Gethsemane is beautiful, with its century-old olive trees:P1000473

After lunch at a kibbutz, we visited the very beautiful Garden Tomb, where we had communion together.  It was meaningful and memorable.P1000522

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