Sabbatical Time Winds Down!

Guess which book I DIDN'T finish this week?!

Guess which book I DIDN’T finish this week?!

We’ve been home from Europe a little over two weeks.  Doug’s back at work.

What have I been doing?  Other than trying to finish up a few house projects, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the back porch – a book in one hand, a glass of iced tea in the other.  I’m starting to really look forward to returning to church.  I’m taking a lot of notes as I begin to move from reflection to action.  I truly hope that all that I’ve experienced will bear fruit in the life of our congregation.

The last two Sundays we’ve visited friends:  first the Rocky River Presbyterian Church where Jon Fancher is the pastor, and then Plymouth UCC in Shaker Heights where Shawnthea Monroe is the pastor.  We’ve also enjoyed some of the wonders of Cleveland including a trip to Gallucci’s Italian Market and a Tribe game (and they won!)

Next week I’ll visit my parents in Columbus and then I’ll be back at work on Monday, July 29 to prepare for a wedding on August 3 and worship on August 4.

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