A week in Paris…

Tuesday evening, June 4

We have spent the past week in Paris, the first leg of our European adventure.  We stayed in an apartment in the St. Germain-des-Pres neighborhood, and we truly made the most of our time here.  We had purchased a Metro pass and a museum pass and we made extensive use of each.

Highlights include the smaller museums like the Rodin and the Orangerie…the delightful experience of wandering onto a little cobblestoned street and finding a spectacular church (the one by our apartment is 1500 years old!)…I loved certain street scenes, like stumbling onto a photography shoot with a model, seeing wedding parties being photographed along the River Seine, street musicians everywhere…and noticing historical markers… Someone famous lived or stayed on nearly every block.  We found a restaurant, still in business, where Benjamin Franklin had eaten.  We walked the steps of Van Gogh and Hemingway.

On the more practical side, I thoroughly enjoyed not having to worry about eating croissants and other delicious French food because we’re walking miles a day…and climbing steps…lots and lots of steps!  It’s so much more fun to exercise this way…

Tomorrow we leave Paris and head for Normandy.  On D-Day, June 6, we will visit Omaha Beach.

Our Internet connection is very touchy here so I can’t attach any pictures.

Valerie has been keeping me abreast of prayer concerns.  My love goes to the ALUCC church family, as always…especially those who are in need of healing, comfort and care.



2 thoughts on “A week in Paris…

  1. kathy smith

    Wow! Sounds so great Kelly! A dear client of mine leaves for Paris next Mon. I will tell her all about your adventures there. So happy for you both!



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