Celebrating 30 years of ministry!

May 22, 2013


30 years ago today, on Pentecost Sunday 1983, I was ordained into the Christian ministry.  In that time, I have served four churches in three states in two denominations – almost 2/3 of that time at Avon Lake.  I am so grateful to all of the people who have helped me along the way:  encouraging me and overlooking my faults!  I never take lightly what a privilege it is to be with people at some of the most significant moments in their lives:  baptisms, Confirmations, weddings, and at the end of life.  And I fully realize what a (too rare) blessing it is to be engaged in a profession that I love. 


What I wish for the seniors of Avon Lake who are graduating this week, and for my own children and stepchildren, is that they too find a career that is the best fit for their unique gifts and talents.

Last weekend, my daughter Anne received her Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison; I’ll post a picture below.


This coming weekend, Doug and I leave on our European adventure!  First we’ll visit a church in Pittsburgh, then we’ll drive to Lancaster, PA, where we’ll leave our car with relatives.  We’re taking Amtrak to New York City.  We fly to Paris on Tuesday.



12 thoughts on “Celebrating 30 years of ministry!

  1. Jim Edwards

    Congratulations, Kelly, on your daughter’s graduation and for persevering in ministry for 30 years. Two big milestones you should be very proud of. I’m enjoying your blog, thanks for providing it, Jim Edwards


  2. Maureen Johnson

    The passion you have for your chosen profession is evident in all you do. Your congregations have been blessed to have such a thoughtful and intelligent leader. Congratulations on your anniversary. Enjoy the next leg of your journey!


  3. kathy smith

    Congratulations Kelly on so much joy! What a happy time for you and thanks for sharing all of it! Have a great trip!!! God be with you ….safe travels. Kathy Smith


  4. Dawn Pottinger

    Hi Kelly- may Europe be all you hope for and the experiences fill you with joy. Thank you for your thought-provoking and enjoyable posts.



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