Family Time!

Monday, May 6, 2013

May will bring many occasions for reconnecting with family.  Saturday Doug and I drove to Columbus, had a lovely dinner with my parents, and on Sunday arrived at Ohio Stadium (bright and early) for his oldest son Nick’s graduation from Ohio State. 

Regardless of your politics, most people think it’s pretty special when a sitting president is your commencement speaker.  I found President Obama’s speech moving and inspiring.  “Citizenship” is kind of an old-fashioned concept, one we don’t hear about much anymore.  He encouraged the class of 2013 to be good citizens; in particular, he encouraged them to participate and to persevere.  He quoted Adlai Stevenson who said that citizenship is:  “the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”  Obama said that we need citizens like those last fall when a hurricane hit our largest city, like those in West, TX and Boston, MA last month…I was moved when he talked about the brave citizens of Newtown, CT and those helping other communities to recover after tragedy.  As he was speaking, I thought, “He’s been to all of those places.  He’s seen the devastation with his own eyes.  He’s spoken to victims and to those grieving.” 

Over 10,000 students graduated from Ohio State yesterday; more than 8,000 attended the ceremony.   Students from over 90 countries were represented.  Some families traveled great distances for the event, some sacrificed tremendously for four or more years, and some families were celebrating their first college graduation. 

My plan for this coming weekend is to attend worship at the Ginghamsburg church in Tipp City, Ohio, then back to Columbus to be with my parents on Mother’s Day.

I’ll attach a couple of graduation photos to this post.ImageImageWe were joined by Doug’s brother David and sister-in-law, Karen:ImageThe FBI agents were busy:ImageA sea of students:ImageImageImage




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